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We Know Transmissions

Here at Jennings Transmissions Inc. of Goldsboro our mission is to put our customers first, to provide the highest quality transmissions at a value price, and world class service during and after the sale.  Our team of professionals will always place special emphasis on our customer's needs and will accomplish our goals by conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity. 

Our Services

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Free Consultation/Evaluation

Free over the phone consultation. Computer scan $65.  

If you let us fix the problem, we waive the fee.

Transmissions Service

Change transmission fluid and filter.  Make internal adjustments and remove debris and gunk.  

Pick-up To Build And Repair

If unable to bring in the vehicle, we will pick it up and replace the transmission for you. 

(We do not cover out of state towing)

Torque Converters

All of our transmissions come with torque converters.  

Time For A Fluid Change?

1.  Burning Smell Inside Or Outside Your Vehicle

2.  Leaking Fluid

3.  Check Engine Light Is On

4.  Grinding Or Shaking When Shifting Gears

5.  Delay In Vehicle Movement When Trying To Accelerate

6.  Rough Or Harsh Shifts

Need A Repair?

Transmission Slipping

If your vehicle feels like its trying to change gears on its own and you can't stop it, that's a classic sign of a bad transmission.  

Rough Shifting

This common symptom of a failing transmission is easily noticed.  If your transmission is having a tough time shifting into other gears, or refusing to do so completely, you've got a bad transmission. 

Leaking Fluid

Your transmission fluid should never leak so if you notice it dripping or there is a wet spot under your vehicle, its time to schedule some maintenance. 


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Pete McCann

Very good and honest Christian people doing the right job for the right reasons.

Spencer Brewer

I took my car in to get the transmission rebuilt.  They were quick getting my car back to me.  I highly recommend them.

Glen Skeens

All your transmission needs.  The best of the best. Fair, honest, professional job will be done. 

Nick Valentini

Jennings has been using our family's torque converters for years.  They use only the highest quality parts when rebuilding.  

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